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GEORG Legal Compliance

Our GEORG Legal Compliance Officers create your individual legal register with specific tasks. Improve legal compliance in your company.

GEORG Legal Compliance

Greater legal compliance with GEORG Legal Compliance

GEORG Legal Compliance refers to compliance with relevant legal regulations. Different laws, regulations, and guidelines will apply to your company, depending on its industry or product. We offer location-, role-, and staff-specific legal registers. Keep all legal requirements and the status of your legal compliance in mind with the powerful digital support of our compliance software, the GEORG Compliance Manager®. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Specific tasks
    Our experienced GEORG Legal Compliance Officers will prepare the legal requirements as specific, court-proof, and easily comprehensible tasks with detailed descriptions.
  •  Legal registers from all legal areas
    GEORG Compliance Officers create your individual legal register from our GEORG legal modules in the web-based GEORG Compliance Manager® and take responsibility for its completeness.
  • Legally compliant delegation
    They will support you in assigning tasks to your legally required and company-specific roles, as well as the delegation of these to the responsible employees, helping you avoid organizational fault.
  • Customer-specific updating of the legal register
    Our GEORG Legal Compliance Officers will keep your legal register up to date when legal and operational changes are introduced. You will only see the changes relevant to the legal compliance of your company.
  • Individual service
    Your personal GEORG Legal Compliance Officer and the GEORG Support Team will be at your side as partners throughout the entire project.

Legally compliant in just seven steps

Gain deeper insights into the GEORG Legal Compliance project process in our free Info Session with our legal advisor Gabriella Kiss.


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Legal compliance in all areas – also internationally

Internationally, we offer a wide range of GEORG legal modules. These are adapted to your company with our local cooperation partners.


GEORG conveys our know-how to your employees

The GEORG Compliance Manager® and the GEORG Legal Manager module let you organize your legal compliance with just a few clicks.


  • Legal provisions translated into specific tasks with detailed descriptions
  • Automatic email reminder


  • Clear depiction of your legal tree
  • Monitoring and depiction of your compliance status at the push of a button

Legal Compliance

  • Guaranteed compliance with all the legal provisions relevant for you
  • Proof of compliance with legal requirements


Our experts in digital compliance management

We are experts in digital compliance management and the establishment of legally compliant organizations.

Gabriella Kiss

  • In-house counsel
  • Managing Director Sales

Thomas Teschner

  • Project Manager GEORG Legal Compliance

GEORG Legal Compliance Officer

Become a GEORG Legal Compliance Officer

Are you a legal advisor, company lawyer, or compliance officer? Would you like to help companies achieve greater legal compliance and efficiency? We will train you as a certified GEORG Legal Compliance Officer. The training will enable you to set up a company-specific legal register in our GEORG Compliance Manager®.


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GEORG Compliance Manager®

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